The Fastest most Secure platform for Connected Vehicles

Hertzian combines Hardware and Software to connect your vehicle to everything while providing world class data security and privacy at blazing speeds.

The amount of sensors in our vehicles has made driving safer than ever before.

Imagine how much safer it could be if our vehicles could speak to each other and the city around them.

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Beyond Software

At Hertzian, we are designing our own hardware capable of providing robust levels of security at the highest speeds.

We call it The KryptoHz a System-on-Chip (SoC) that contains several layers or subsystems in charge of specific functions.

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Strong Root of Trust

The KryptoHz natively runs encrypted machine code on encrypted data in registers and memory. Its computations are opaque to an observer with physical access to the chip but remain meaningful to the vehicle's data bus.

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Unleash a vehicle's full potential

The Hertzian platform API enables car manufacturers and users to unlock a lot of functions that would normally require additional integrations or hardware.

From predictive maintenance to automatic tolling to even remotely locking and unlocking a car through an app..

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A Layered Approach to vehicle cybersecurity


Post-Quantum secure

Secured isolated execution environment complete with PQC hardware co‐processor, side channel protection, RISC‐V crypto extensions and classical entropy source.

Wide selection of cryptographic algorithms

AES and SHA2 instructions and firmware support for AES, DRBG, SHA2, HMAC, KDF and Key Wrap.

Dedicated communication channel

Radio supports either 5G-V2X (C-V2X Rel. 16/17/18) or DSRC+ (IEEE802.11bd) with full transmit and receive diversity.

Equipped with iSIM

iSIM module which moves the SIM from a separate chip into a dedicated silicon area which sits alongside the application processor and the radio. Allowing for remote provisioning, lower energy consumption and up to 98% less footprint than an eSIM.

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