Coming soon Post-Quantum data protection

For data sensitive systems

Hertzian safeguards data from the moment it is created by bringing data security and privacy down to the hardware level.

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Connected devices and cloud infrastructures are increasingly prevalent.

Strong data security should no longer be an afterthought.

Connected devices and cloud services are a fixture in most businesses today and more connections create more possible attack vectors from malicious actors.

Hertzian enables teams of any size to build post-quantum data security into any device without being cryptographic experts.

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Introducing the KryptoHz

The KryptoHz is a System on Chip (SoC) designed to build strong Post-Quantum security into a device, protecting data as it is generated even before it leaves the device!.

It it based on RISC-V, an open source architecture that is gaining a lot of support from big names like Apple, Western Digital and Google.

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Strong, Post-quantum encryption

We use Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE), an encryption technique that allows for operations to be performed on information without having to actually decrypt it!

This type of encryption is future-proof and allows for safer sharing of data without compromising it's contents.

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Runs on encrypted code

The KryptoHz is fitted with a crypto coprocessor that allows the host device to accelerate the execution time of instructions by securely handling the heaviest processes inside the device..

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Unlock your data's
Full Potential


Safe to share

FHE makes it possible to securely use third party processing services without compromising any kind of data.

Regulation compliant

Data security laws, such as the GDPR, clearly state that their requirements don't apply to encrypted data.


FHE allows private firms to perform analysis on data without actually revealing the original content.

Breach resistant

Since all data that goes through a KryptoHz is encrypted, any information lost in a breach is practically useless for any malicious actor.

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